Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

  1. Auto Excise Tax Abatement

    If you feel you are entitled to any adjustment of your excise bill, it is strongly recommended that you pay the bill in full, then contact the Manchester Board of Assessors for an abatement. Although payment of a bill is not a precondition for an abatement, an owner risks incurring late fees and penalties if an abatement is not granted. The assessors must receive applications for abatement any time within 3 years after the date the excise was due or 1 year after the date the excise was paid, whichever is later. Taxpayers must file on time to preserve the right to abatement and to appeal.

  2. Handicap Excise Exemptions

    A person need not have a handicap plate to be eligible for this exemption. Alternatively, one who has a handicap plate is not per se entitled to an exemption.

  3. Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

    Take the time to visit the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

  4. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Information

    The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has produced this booklet as a public service. There may be other offices to contact for specific information regarding your excise tax bill.

  5. Veteran Motor Vehicle Excise Exemptions

    View a table that outlines the exemptions of excise tax for veterans.