Department of Public Works


Bulk-Item Curbside Pickup Changes – As of January 1/1/19, Waste Management will be facilitating all curbside bulk item pickups – no more bulk item green sticker sales at Town Hall. This will enable residents to call Waste Management (800-972-4545) at their convenience to schedule and pay for a pickup. Residents will also be able to put out more than one bulk item per week! All current green stickers must be used by 12/31/18 - no returns or refunds available.  Examples of bulk items include box springs/mattresses, carpet/carpet padding, rigid plastics, chairs, couches and other wooden furniture. The fee will be $27.00 per item beginning 1/1/19. This will also allow Waste Management to know exactly what needs to be picked up each week and where, saving residents the hassle of a missed pickup. Questions? Contact the DPW at 978-526-1242. A 2019 Waste Management Calendar / information pamphlet will be mailed out to all Manchester residences by early January 2019.

Does your bulk item still have some life left to it? There are a few options available locally that may be able to re-use your bulk item! Contact Beverly Bootstraps at 978-921-4710 or Second Glance in Gloucester 978-283-4798 for more information.

Curbside Leaf Collection is COMPLETE, however if you missed curbside collection or have more leaves, you can take your yard waste to the compost site yourself, regular open days are: Thurs, Sat & Sun 9am – 3pm OR Black Earth is now offering on-going private curbside collection via stickers you can purchase only from their website, please note the Town does not sell Black Earth stickers:


Projects will be starting around Town in the late Spring/Summer of 2018, for more information: Click here for list of current DPW Projects

 Preventing and Thawing Frozen Water Pipes: CLICK HERE


Due to the China-crisis recycling issues, The Town of Manchester is not currently able to separate out and send rigid plastics for recycle. These items; 5 gallon pails, children's outdoor toys, plastic totes, garden chairs etc must now be disposed of either curbside in an orange trash bag or if too large, with a $10 large item sticker and placed curbside alongside your trash on your regular collection day. Please remember only one large item per household per week and all trash, recycle and large items must be curbside by 7 am on your collection day.

COMPOST SITE:  The Compost Site will open for the 2018 season on March 24, 2018. Opening hours will be: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 9-3 pm.

Battery Information:

The Transfer Station now accepts standard Auto batteries for recycling with a $10 sticker pre-purchased from the Town Clerk's office in Town Hall. Please see the attendant on arrival at the Transfer Station.

Please note AAA, AA, C, D etc type small regular batteries are not recyclable and should be put in your orange trash bags.

Power Outage and Downed Trees in Wires

For power outage updates or to report downed trees in wires, please call National Grid directly: 1-800-322-3223 or on your mobile device at: or text: STORM to 64743 or online at

SCAM ALERT! Many companies claim their plastic bags are compostable. Bags must say "ASTM 6400 certified" to be compostable. Biodegradable is not compostable. An alternative is to use double-bagged paper grocery bags.

New water rates went into effect on July 1, 2018. Information regarding these rates and how to conserve water were mailed to all residents in late June.

Mission Statement

The Public Works Department’s provides and maintains public services necessary for the continued growth and improvement of the quality of life for the citizens of Manchester-by-the-Sea. 

The Department is comprised of the following divisions:

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