Cemetery Division

The Cemetery Division is part of the Public Works Department and is responsible for: 

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Record-keeping for the five cemeteries in Manchester

The Five Cemeteries:

Rosedale cemetery

1661 Cemetery

Located on the corner of Summer and Washington Street, 1661 Cemetery is Manchester’s oldest Cemetery.

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery, located on School Street, is filled with many familiar names, mostly those lost in the Civil War.

Rosedale Cemetery

Rosedale Cemetery, located on School Street and Rosedale Avenue, is also home to Crowell Chapel

Rosedale Extension Cemetery

Rosedale Extension Cemetery, located north of Pleasant Street, across from Rosedale Cemetery.

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery is located on the corner of Pine Street and Pleasant Street. This is the only cemetery that has available Lot space to purchase. Only Manchester residents may purchase cemetery Lots.

Cemetery space is sold by an individual lot or a four-grave lot. The four-grave lot is allowed an upright marker (headstone), whereas the individual lot is restricted to a flat marker set flush with the ground.