Highway Division

The Highway Division is the largest division within the Department of Public Works, and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all town roads, sidewalks and storm drains. This includes patching potholes, cleaning catch basins, flushing storm drains, rebuilding drainage structures, replacing catch basin grates or manhole covers, and miscellaneous paving work.

The Division is also responsible for sign maintenance and replacement, painting, repairs to the buildings at Tucks Point and the Singing Beach Bathhouse, and opening and closing Tucks Point and the Singing Beach Bathhouse prior to and after the summer season.

The Highway Division is responsible for operating the Transfer Station. The Town Clerk handles the sale of stickers and one-trip passes for the Transfer Station. Access to the Transfer Station and Yard Compost Site require a valid resident sticker, which is also available from the Town Clerk. The Yard Compost Site is operated by Black Earth Compost.

This Division picks up dead animals from the right of way. If missing a pet, please first call the police to report it, then during Town hall office hours call the DPW office (978-526-1242) to ask if the division has picked up anything. Please give a detailed description as ID tags are often missing.

DPW vehicles and equipment, including Police vehicles and the Council on Aging vans, are maintained and repaired by the mechanics in the Highway Division, with repairs done in-house as often as possible.

The Highway Division provides vehicles, equipment and personnel to assist in repairing water and/or sewer breaks.

The Highway Division is also the maintenance division. Employees set up and break down for all Town Meetings and elections and perform or arrange other maintenance work on Town buildings as needed.