The Manchester-by-the-Sea Harbormaster’s mission is to provide marine enforcement, rescue, and education services to boaters within the tidal waters of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. The Harbormaster is dedicated to delivering these and other services to the boating community with courtesy and professionalism.

Every effort will be made to foster a safe boating environment by maintaining a high state of readiness and cultivating partnerships with fisherman, recreational boat owners, marine business owners, and marine law enforcement agencies on the North Shore in order to make Manchester-by-the-Sea the safest boating waters in all of Massachusetts.

Call or Visit Harbormaster

All mooring, float and dinghy permit holders must call or visit the Harbormaster’s office no later than March 1. This is the only way to ensure that all information in the database is accurate and current.

Provide Documentation

Unless you intend to change your vessel of record, you do not need to provide documentation or registration. This information is already in the database and file. You do not need to provide proof of payment for your excise tax as the Treasurer’s Office provides a list of paid boat excise to the Harbormaster. Any questions or problems with your excise can be discussed with the Harbormaster and/or the Assessor.

Harbormaster Prepares Waterway Renewal Forms

The Harbormaster will update the database by gathering or confirming user contact, boat and mooring information. User will receive a form generated directly from the database. Date and time will be automatically printed on the form and a copy printed at the same time will be permanently filed at Town Hall. Your State 2BE-1 form will be available to sign at the time of renewal.

Pay Fees

All pertinent fees are included on the renewal forms. Payment can be made online through Uni-Bank, or at the Treasurer’s Office with a check payable to Town of Manchester. Upon receipt of payment, forms will be stamped, dated and initialed.

Waterway Usage Permit Sticker

Once the renewal is complete and payment received the user will receive a Waterway Usage Permit sticker from the Harbormaster that must be affixed to the “vessel of record.”  NO exceptions.

Waitlist Process

All waitlist forms are available at the Harbormaster's office at Town Hall. Only the mooring waitlist has a $10 fee associated with it.

Towing Policy

Manchester Harbormaster only tows those vessels that are in immediate danger. Please contact a towing or salvage operator should you need to be towed.