Beach & Resident Parking Stickers

Beach and Resident Parking Stickers expire on May 31st each year and must be renewed annually

Resident Parking and Beach Stickers are available:
        1.  At the Online Payments center
        2.  In person at the Town Clerk's office during regular business hours
        3. By submitting the Mail in Application Form
To purchase a sticker you must:
  1. Show your car registration, even if you have had a sticker in the past. If the registration does not have a Manchester address, you will be required to show proof of residence. Owners of leased vehicles need to show the registration plus a leasing agreement with their name on it.
  2. Be current on the town's annual street list taken from census returns. If you are not currently listed in the street list, you will be required to show proof of residence and you will be asked to fill out a census form with the required information.

Parking Sticker Fees

Beach stickers, which include two walk-on passes for Singing Beach, cost $35. (The Senior Citizen rate for those 65 and over is $10.) Resident parking stickers, which do not allow summer beach parking, are free.

Sticker Distribution Policies

The Board of Selectmen endorses the following policies for the distribution of beach stickers:
Residents Entitled to beach and/or resident sticker
Non-resident Property Owners Residential: A beach sticker may be issued to a non-resident who owns a Manchester residential property. The owner must personally present a copy of the last tax bill, or in the case of a trust of other legally held title, a copy of the document proving the individual to be the owner, along with the vehicle registration.
Commercial: A beach sticker may be issued to a non-resident who is the designated owner and taxpayer of a Manchester commercial property. (Partners or multi-person partnerships are not eligible for a beach sticker.) One non-resident sticker per commercial property is allowed.
Babysitters/Nannies A Nanny Pass, valid only on weekdays, may be issued to a child-care employee of a resident of Manchester, under legal contract. A copy of the contract, or two pay stubs, along with the vehicle registration must be shown before the pass is issued. A Nanny Pass Agreement, available in the Town Clerk's office, must be signed by the employer. The Nanny Pass fee is $50.
Temporary Summer Rentals (Paid) Visitors with a valid lease or contract of 1 week or more may purchase a temporary parking placard for $50 per week (per 7 day period).
Visiting Relatives and Friends Visiting relatives or friends are not eligible for a temporary parking placard.