Singing Beach Walk On Tags  


Entrance to Singing Beach always requires a WALK ON TAG 
 between 9am-5pm for everyone between the ages of 12 and 65.

Walk on tags are $35 for the season. The walk on fee for one day is $10.
Tags are not replaceable or refundable. 

Tags can be purchased at the beach. Cash or a check only.

Singing Beach walk on passes are required for all residents and visitors ages 13-64. Each seasons pass is $35 each.  Daily walk on passes are also available at the beach for $10.   

Season Walk On Passes are available at a discount during the month of April and can be purchased online at  After April 30th passes will be available when the beach is open beginning Memorial Day weekend for $35.00 each.

RESIDENT STICKERS is on the Parking Clerk Page