Business Certificates

The purpose of a Business Certificate, also known as a D/B/A (Doing Business As) is to disclose business ownership information. Many banks consider it a requirement for opening a business account.

Massachusetts General Law, Chap.110 Sec 5 requires that all businesses operating under any title other than the real name of the person conducting the business, whether individually or as a partnership, obtain a Business Certificate.

A Business Certificate is not required if any corporation is doing business under its true corporate name, nor is it required for any partnership doing business under any title which includes the true surname of any partner. For details, refer to the Massachusetts General Laws, Chap.110 Sec 6.

The Business Certificate is valid for four (4) years and costs $40, cash or check, made payable to the Town of Manchester. Applicants must either:
  • Apply in person with valid photo ID; all owners of the business must be present to sign the Business Certificate Form (PDF), OR
  • Download the Business Certificate Form (PDF) and have an outside notary public validate the document. The form must still be submitted to the Town Clerk's office with a payment for $40.