Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Any person 15 years of age or older must have a license to hunt, pursue or kill with a gun, bow and arrow or other means or device, any animal, or to angle for fish in any inland waters. Any person 12 years or older must have a license to trap any animal.

Any person under 15 years of age does not need a license to fish in inland waters and any person between 12 an 14 years does not need a license to hunt, provided in this case that the person is accompanied by a licensed adult. Only one minor shall accompany one adult and they shall not exceed the bag limit for one person.

Obtain a License

Hunting and Fishing licenses are obtained directly from the MA Department of Fish and Game.


Under Manchester-by-the-Sea by-laws, anyone wishing to hunt in town must sign up with the Town Clerk during regular business hours. Permission must also be obtained from the owner of the property, the Trustees of the Reservations.  Contact Kathy Leahy from the Trustees   (Tel: (978) 890-7153) to request a written permission letter to hunt on their property.  Then bring the Trustees permission letter to the Town Clerk's office. A written permission slip, which is to be carried by the hunter, will be issued from the Town Clerk at that time.

A map showing areas of town that are open to hunting is available at the Town Clerk's office.