Notice to Camp Operators

Take the time to begin your application process now. Here is part of what is required under the State Code:

  • Complete camp license application and forward to Board of Health, along with a check for $135 made payable to Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Submit this application now.
  • Arrange for review of records and policies by Public Health Nurse Pam Ciccone, R.N. Call NOW to make an appointment.
  • Arrange for inspection of premises by Public Health Nurse and Health Agent.
  • These items must be completed and approved by the Board of Health PRIOR to your camp opening
  • No licenses will be approved and no camp will be allowed to open without having completed this licensing process.
You may wish to view the following information:
  • State Camp Regulations 105CMR 4300
  • Minimum Sanitation and Safety Standards for Recreational Camps for Children
Do you have trouble collecting camper medical forms and immunization records?
We have found that the camps that require this information as part of their camper registration have fewer problems collecting these documents. We suggest that you do not place a camper on your sign up list until you have not only the camper application and fee, but also these required medical forms. It will be easier if you make it clear that you will only accept complete camp applications.