Cleaning Out Your Stream

Some minor stream cleaning can be done without a formal filing as long as the work adheres to the Town's brook clearing guidelines. However, no stream cleaning can take place without first notifying the conservation administrator. All stream cleaning that will not be done by hand will require a filing with the Commission.

I have a permit but there has been a change of plans. What do I do?
A. Submit a request in writing, that includes a brief narrative about your change, to the Conservation Commission. The conservation administrator will place the change on the Commission’s next agenda. The Commission will then vote whether the change is one of the following:
  • The change is de minimus. This means the Commission will not need to add extra conditions to your Order of Conditions.
  • The change will require amending the Order of Conditions. This means that the Commission will need to add additional conditions to your Order of Conditions. The change will need to be advertised and abutters will need to be notified.
  • The change is so significant that the Commission would like the work to be submitted as a new Notice of Intent.