FEMA PDM Grant Projects

Manchester-by-the Sea has a Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) that was approved by FEMA on October 18, 2012. The Town recently completed a study funded by a FEMA grant to explore the potential impacts of climate change, specifically impacts from flooding, increased precipitation and storm surge. The result was a Vulnerability and Risk Assessment that will be incorporated into the HMP.

The Town received a second FEMA grant to perform a full 5-year update of its HMP; during the update, the content of the Vulnerability and Risk Assessment will be added, existing content will be updated and additional information, required by FEMA, will be incorporated. The updated HMP is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

These projects compliment the Town's Sawmill Brook Watershed project (funded by the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (CZM) in its effort to understand and plan for climate change impacts. The Sawmill Brook project evaluated the impacts of climate change on flooding in the Sawmill Brook Watershed. Learn more at: Sawmill Brook Watershed Project.

Coastal Resilience Advisory Group

  • Greg Federspiel, Town Administrator
  • Mary Reilly, Grants Administrator
  • Carol Murray, DPW Director
  • Sue Brown, Town Planner
  • Ed Conley, Chief of Police
  • Todd Fitzgerald, Police Lieutenant
  • George Kramlinger, Fire Chief
  • Tom Kehoe, Board of Selectmen
  • Bion Pike, Harbormaster
  • Barbara Warren, Salem Sound Coastwatch
  • Jessica Lamothe, Manchester Coastal Stream Team
  • Ben Rossi, Downtown Improvements Project
  • Jori Everitt, Resident Representative
  • Chris Bertoni, Conservation Administrator