Budget Information

Town of Manchester by the Sea Proposed Annual Budget FY2017-2018

FY18 Budget Goals

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen at their October 17, 2016 meeting

  • A tax hike no greater than 2.5% -- maximum of 2% for operations, extra .5% for capital; stay within levy limit
  • Maintain current services while seeking operational savings of $150,00 to $200,000 -- trim insurance lines; revamp solid waste costs and revenues, trim street lights, other?
  • Boost general fund support of capital needs by 10-15% – for now, later these funds help support new debt for school and/or town facilities
  • Realign land use staffing; boost planner to full time in part to provide greater ability to secure more grants
  • Work collaboratively with School District as we strive to continue to support the schools within an effective spending increase targeted to be no more than 3.25% for MBTS
  • Fund a part-time citizen engagement/communication specialist – web and social media postings

Finance Committee Focus:

  1. Operating and Capital Budget Projections
  2. Facility planning (plan, funding, timing)
  3. Performance tracking and comparable town data
  4. Union Contract strategies including long-term goals for benefit design

FY 2018 Budget Development Schedule

Below is the schedule for FY2018 budget development, culminating with a vote at Town Meeting on Monday, April 3. 

All meetings take place at Town Hall starting at 7pm unless otherwise noted.
Date Item
October 2016 Department heads formulate FY18 requests
  Joint Board of Selectmen/Finance Committee workshop to review Facility Planning Report
November 2016 Finance Committee liaisons meet with Town Administrator and Accountant  
with department heads to formulate preliminary budget
Wed., Nov 16 Finance Committee meeting to review budget development to date
Mon., Nov 21 Board of Selectmen meeting to review final Facility Planning Report
Tues., Dec 6 School Committee meeting - preliminary budget development
Meeting takes place at Manchester Essex Regional High School
Mon, Dec 12 Board of Selectmen/Finance Committee special joint meeting - preliminary 
budget presentation
Wed., Dec 14 School Committee preliminary budget public hearing
Meeting takes place at Manchester Essex Regional High School
Tues., Dec 20 Finance Committee meeting - discuss budgets and identify areas of concern; 
instruct liaisons to report back with clarifying information
Wed., Jan 4 Liaisons report back to full Finance Committee; identify which departmental 
budget line items need further discussion/review
Wed., Jan 11 School budget discussion at joint Board of Selectmen/Finance Committee meeting
Wed., Jan 18 Detailed reviews of needed line items, with department heads if necessary
Tues., Jan 24
tentative date
School Committee final budget hearing 
Wed., Feb 1 Detailed reviews of needed line items, with department heads if necessary
Tues., Feb 7
tentative date
School Committee meeting - final MERSD budget vote
Meeting takes place at Manchester Essex Regional High School 
Wed., Feb 15 Final capital budget review
Mon., Feb 20 Board of Selectmen meeting - revised town budget presentation for public input
Wed., March 1 Draft warrant; open items; draft Finance Committee report
Wed., Mar 8 Final Finance Committee report, open items, report to printer
Wed., Mar 15 Open Items as needed; final proof of Finance Committee report
Mon., Mar 20 Regular Board of Selectmen meeting; Scouts prepare to deliver reports
Wed., March 22 Open items if necessary
Sun., Mar 26 Warrants and Town Report delivered to all households
Mon., Mar 27 Special Board of Selectmen meeting if necessary
Wed., Mar 29 Open items if necessary
Sat., April 1 Pre-Town Meeting Review at 9:00am
Mon., April 3 Annual Town Meeting (pre-meeting at 6pm)

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