Current DPW Projects

Paving Repairs

  • Contractor: Brox Industries
  • Timeline: Throughout summer/fall 2017.
  • Project: PINE STREET - Repair and re-surface curb-to-curb from Pleasant Street to Central Street. Repair and patch from Pleasant Street towards Rt 128. COMPLETE - road markings to follow. 
  • Project: JERSEY LANE: Repair and resurface edge-to-edge. COMPLETE - road markings to follow.
  • Project: TUCKS POINT: Repair & re-surface - COMPLETE - road markings to follow.
  • Current Project: Boat Ramp - reshaping of the boat ramp curbing to better facilitate parking in the lot and for improved boat access. Parking lines and road marking to follow.
  • OTHER UPCOMING BROX PROJECTS: Ocean St, School St, Bridge St, Intersection of Beach & Summer St, Intersection of Forest & Ancient County Way - dates to follow.

Sewer Rehab Program

  • Contractor: RapidFlow - Mattuchio
  • Project: Clean lines and repair sewer pipes and manholes. Continuing efforts to reduce infiltration and inflow (I & I) of stormwater and groundwater into sewer system
  • Timeline: Information on next location to follow.
  • Information: Continuously moving operation
  • Current Project: Information to follow

North Street/School Street:

  • Contractor: RapidFlow - (Mattuchio)
  • Project: Replacement of Sewer Main
  • Timeline: Completion mid August
  • Information: Project COMPLETE - awaiting finish paving work.

Lincoln Street Water Line

  • Contractor: Cardillo & Son, Inc
  • Project: Replacement of water line on Lincoln St from Vine St to Summer St
  • Timeline: Work scheduled to be complete by start of school.
  • Information: Project COMPLETE

Pleasant Street Water Line

  • Contractor: Cardillo & Son, Inc
  • Project: Connecting all residents along Pleasant Street to the 16" water line, resulting in increased fire-flow pressure, especially on Old Essex Rd, and improved ability to perform isolation in the future for any required repairs.
  • Information: Week starting Monday September 18, 2017 - Road closed to through traffic. Open to abutters and emergencies services. Final stages of project, hydrants been installed - no interruption to resident water service.

Pump Stations

  • Contractor: Weston & Sampson
  • Project: Replacement of sewer pumps and installation of back-up power at the pumping stations on Ashland Ave, Rockwood Heights, Pine St and Old Essex Rd
  • Timeline: Complete by September
  • Information: Rockwood Heights Station - starting week of 8/7/17 for several weeks. Minor traffic flow disruption possible. Other pump station work underway, this should not impact residents.