Archive DPW Projects

Improvements to Town Common (Closed)

Road Maintenance and Complete Streets Project 2019 (Closed)

2019 Water Main Improvement Project (Closed)

Tree Removing and Pruning Contract (Closed)

Downtown Improvements (Closed)

Harbor Loop Sewer Lining Project (Closed)

Water Treatment: Well Supply and Supply Services; Operations, Maintenance and Management (Closed)

Water Treatment: Fluoride Replacement Project (Closed)

Burnham Lane Drainage Project

Contractor: Aqua Line Utility Corp

Project: Burnham Lane, Friend St, School St, from Sacred Heart Church to Sawmill Brook - replacement of undersized drainage piping with larger piping to better handle the Town's runoff.

Timeline: COMPLETE 2019

Ocean St Water Main Replacement Project 

Contractor: N. Granese & Sons Inc

Project: Test pits; installation of new PVC water pipe, valves, and fire hydrants; and temporary and final paving.

Timeline: COMPLETE 2019

Singing Beach Revetment Wall Project

Contractor: T Ford Company, Inc

Project: Repairs to the Singing Beach Revetment Wall

Timeline: 2019 - Work temporarily on hold, but will resume.

Mark Street Water Line Repairs

  • Contractor: N Granese & Sons
  • Project: Water line repairs
  • Timeline: June 2018 - COMPLETE

Sewer Rehab Program

  • Contractor: RapidFlow - Mattuchio. 
  • Project: Clean lines and repair sewer pipes and manholes. Continuing efforts to reduce infiltration and inflow (I & I) of stormwater and groundwater into sewer system.
  • Timeline: COMPLETE 2018

Paving Repairs 2017

  • Project: Harbor St & Woodholm Rd - milling, resetting castings and final paving
  • Project: Lincoln St - milling and paving, full width from School St to Summer St.
  • Project: Lincoln St, Bridge Repair
  • Project: Central St borings for bridge replacement design
  • Project: PINE STREET - Repair and re-surface curb-to-curb from Pleasant Street to Central Street. Repair and patch from Pleasant Street towards Rt 128. COMPLETE - road markings to follow.
  • Project: JERSEY LANE: Repair and resurface edge-to-edge. COMPLETE - road markings to follow.
  • Project: TUCKS POINT: Repair & re-surface - COMPLETE - road markings to follow.
  • Project: Boat Ramp - COMPLETE
  • Project: Pleasant Street - 2017 replace 16" water line - 2018 repaving/trench filling - COMPLETE
  • Project: North Street - 2017 Sewer work - 2018 repaving/trench filling - COMPLETE
  • Project: Union Street/Summer Street - 2018 repaving/trench filling - COMPLETE
  • Project: Lincoln Street - 2017 Water work - 2018 repaving/trench filling - COMPLETE