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Dec 05

BOS Weekly Updates - December 5, 2019

Posted to Board of Selectmen Weekly Update by Tiffany Marletta

Next Selectmen’s Meeting with Finance Committee:  Monday, December 9 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall room 5. Preliminary Fiscal Year 2021 budget will be presented.

Next School Committee Meeting:  Wednesday, December 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Essex Elementary School. MERSD preliminary budget will be presented.

Next Planning Board Meeting: Monday, December 9 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall room 7. Community is invited to discuss the potential for a Smart Growth Overlay District to encourage a mix of uses including housing in the Limited Commercial District.

Emergency Alerts: Stay updated! Sign up to receive emergency alerts via email or text at The same information will also be shared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so come follow us @townofmbts.

Trash, Recycling, Compost:  Regular pick-up schedule.  Please remember NOT to use plastic bags for your recycled goods!

Dec 06

From the Town Administrator's Desk - December 5, 2019

Posted to From the Town Administrator's Desk by Tiffany Marletta

Preliminary Budget Presentations

By Gregory T. Federspiel

With the early snowfall on the ground, next July seems a very distant future!  However, work is well underway on the budgets for the new fiscal year beginning July 1.  Preliminary budget proposals for the new fiscal year will be presented next week.  On Monday, the Town's FY2021 draft budget will be presented at Town Hall at 7:00 PM and, on Wednesday, the School District's preliminary budget will be presented at the Essex Elementary School starting at 6:30 PM.

The draft Town Budget assumes that residents want us to continue the current level of services.  With just a couple of exceptions, most department operations remain as they are now with the same level of staff and flat operating expenses.  It also assumes that residents are willing to pay a bit more for these services.  Higher costs are due to modest pay increases for staff, increased pension costs as the county retirement system catches up to become fully funded, higher liability and workers compensation insurance costs, increased technology costs (cyber security is a pressing issue), a 22% increase in garbage disposal costs due to market dynamics and more funds for public tree maintenance.

Regarding staffing, the preliminary budget proposes to restore a half time clerk position in the Selectmen's office as well as restoring one of the laborer positions in the Highway division.  One position each in the water and sewer divisions is also proposed.  These new DPW slots are being sought as the department is facing a number of retirements in the next few years.  We want to ensure a smooth transition as we transfer the knowledge of our long serving staff to the next generation of DPW workers.  The increased staffing will allow the department to complete more tasks internally without the use of outside contractors as often, including the option of running the water plant ourselves to save money.  Even with these three additional staff, the new number of staff is still lower than the number prior to reductions made during the last recession. 

To help off-set these new hires we are not filling a vacant part-time and one full time position in other departments. 

The details of the new School District budget will be presented next Wednesday.  The Town budget assumes that our share of the District budget will grow 3.25 percent, a bit higher than this year but closer to the average increase in recent years.  The School Committee is responsible for crafting the annual District budget.    

To pay for the new budget, a 2.5% hike in property taxes is proposed along with the additional taxes derived from new construction.  This year we saw lower than expected new growth thus we are lowering our expectations for next year.  Indeed, there are signs of a slow-down in the economy which we will want to be mindful of as we project ahead for the next few years.  We have some capacity in our local receipts (various fees, the largest being the vehicle excise) which we traditionally have been very conservative in estimating.  We plan on raising these estimates to make up for the lower amount of new construction and to avoid new taxation up to for the full amount voters approved for servicing the debt on the new elementary school bonds. (This will be the second year we will be able to reduce the full tax impact of the new school for residents. We hope to be able to do this for a few more years when lower debt service on the middle high school begins allowing us to continue this reduced impact.)   

As always, budgets are about choices and as we begin the review of the preliminary budgets in earnest between now and the April Annual Town Meeting, the numerous choices represented in the proposed numbers will be debated. Your input is most appreciated. Can’t make the meetings? You can find the preliminary budgets on the Town and School web sites and can send in comments.   

Jun 17

MPC Update - June 2019

Posted to Manchester Master Plan News by Christina St. Pierre

Master Plan Update , June 2019

Manchester’s master planning efforts have spanned four years culminating in Planning Board approval of the Plan as submitted by the Master Plan Committee with minor text and organizational edits.  Since that approval in February, a Planning Board Subcommittee has been working with the Town Planner to finalize the Plan’s text and will next work on formatting the Plan for publication and developing a Master Plan Summary to be widely distributed. 

As the Plan is being finalized, implementation of the Plan’s recommendations have begun with several important initiatives.

  • The Planning Board has secured the services of land use attorney Mark Bobrowski to work with the Planning and Zoning Boards, the Zoning Enforcement Officer and others to re-codify and update the Town’s Zoning Bylaw to guide change in line with the Town’s Vision. For more information see (
  • Representatives of various municipal boards and committees are meeting to discuss the potential for Smart Growth Overlay Districts in town as a tool to support a greater diversity of housing options.
  • The Town has applied for technical assistance and/or funding for a Parking Study, a Limited Commercial Strategic Plan and a Downtown Strategic Plan which can be accessed on the Town’s Website:
  • The Town is working with a consultant to study and identify opportunities for shared services with the Town of Essex.  The report is expected to be finalized by July.
  • The Town is working with MassHousing Partnership to assess the feasibility of a mix of market rate and affordable housing on the current DPW site. 
  • The Town is evaluating opportunities for a Harbor Master’s Office and Public Restrooms at Reed Park and Masconomo Park.

As part of the implementation process, the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board will be developing a communications strategy for updating residents on initiatives on a regular basis.  The goal is to provide a comprehensive list of the Plan’s Recommendations with a continually updated status.