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Apr 24

BOS Weekly Update - April 19, 2018

Posted on April 24, 2018 at 9:18 AM by Elizabeth Dukes


BOS WEEKLY UPDATE – April 19, 2018

Last Call!  Have a favorite volunteer who serves on a town board or committee you fell has gone above and beyond the call of duty?  We would love to hear from you about this person as a candidate for our Volunteer of the Year award.  Please drop off the name of your nominee and a short description as to why this person deserves to be recognized at the Selectmen's Office in Town Hall.

Streetlights: Two sub-topics here:  First, outages can now be reported directly to National Grid.  There is a link on the Town’s web site with the number to call.  Be sure to have the pole number and location.  Please let the DPW know as well in order that we can track repair progress which can be frustratingly slow.  Secondly, efforts to take over the streetlights and convert them to LEDs continue.  We are waiting for National Grid to review our audit of all streetlights in town as we work to finalize the purchase of them.  Once this happens we can proceed with the switch to LEDs which will reduce our costs significantly.  We will contract with a private vender to maintain the lights which will speed up repair time.  We hope to have a sample light up this spring and complete the conversion by the end of the summer.

Town Elections on May 15: The following candidates have submitted their nomination papers for the positions listed.  Housing Authority: (1 position) Beth Heisey & Allen Craige McCoy; Library Trustee (1 position) Richard Rogers; Moderator: Alan Wilson; Planning Board (2 yrs): (1 position) Christopher Olney & Mary Foley; Planning Board (3 yrs): (2 positions) Loren Coons & Christine Delisio; School Committee (1 position) Shannon O'Brien Erdmann & Andre Kuehnemund; Selectmen (1 position) Rebecca S. Jacques.  Write-in candidates are also an option.

Beach Stickers: Beat the rush-order your 2018 beach sticker/tags on-line or come to Town Hall now.  Beach sand and warm weather will be returning!

Trash, Recycling, and Compost pick up: Regular Monday and Tuesday pick-ups

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