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Sep 25

BOS Weekly Update - September 27, 2018

Posted on September 25, 2018 at 3:53 PM by Elizabeth Dukes


BOS WEEKLY UPDATE – September 27, 2018

Be an informed voter! One last set of informational meetings on the proposed new elementary school before the Special Town Meeting is planned for October 10 (a morning session at Essex Elementary School at 9AM and an evening session at the Memorial School at 7PM.)  Also, there will be a pre-town meeting session to review any procedural questions hosted by Moderator Alan Wilson Saturday morning at 9AM on October 13th at Town Hall . 

Special Town Meeting scheduled for October 15 - Plan on Attending! A Special Town Meeting is scheduled for a town vote on the proposal for a new elementary school along with a two town bylaw changes (reduce the size of the Finance Committee from 9 to 7 members; clarify snow ban parking violation fines.) If you have waited until now to get informed, now is the time to do so! Check out the School’s and Town’s web sites for detailed information. Assuming voters advance the plan, a second vote on the school project will be held November 6th by ballot in conjunction with the state elections.

Speed Monitoring Signs:  As part of our efforts to slow down traffic in town, we are installing four speed monitoring signs, one on each of the entrances into town – School, Pine, Bridge and Summer Streets.  The signs are popular as requests for similar signs on other roads already are coming in.  For now we will stick with the four locations.  At close to $3500 each, we cannot put them up everywhere and if too many are installed people start ignoring them!

Trash, Recycling, and Compost pick up:  Regular Monday and Tuesday pickups

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