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Nov 29

BOS Weekly Update - November 29, 2018

Posted on November 29, 2018 at 9:24 AM by Elizabeth Dukes


BOS WEEKLY UPDATE – November 29, 2018

Before the holiday season completely takes over, there are important meetings next week that afford great opportunities for your input on the future of our town!  We hope to see you at the following two meetings:

Budget Presentation:  A preliminary budget for FY20 (begins July, 2019) will be presented by the Town Administrator at our December 3 meeting. The presentation will begin at 7:30.  The public is invited to the presentation and your feedback on the proposed budget is welcome as work will begin to fine-tune it with the goal of a final budget proposal by the end of February.  A second public forum on the proposed budget is scheduled for February 25. 

Master Plan Forum:  The plan is nearly complete!  Come hear the recommendations that are proposed based on the extensive public input that has been collected over the past few years.  Your final input is welcome before the finishing touches are put on this important document that will guide the work of committees, departments and the budgeting process for years to come.  The forum is scheduled for Wednesday, December 5 at the Middle-High School cafeteria from 6 - 8PM.

Streetlight Changeover:  The Town now owns the streetlights and we will swap out the old sodium vapor lights with high efficiency LEDs.  The switch will result in annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars.  The new lights will be very similar to the ones Gloucester has installed.  In addition to the new lights, we will have the ability to control the brightness of the lights and the time the lights are on.  You can check out the lights we will be installing by visiting Gloucester – if you travel up Summer Street/Rt. 127 just east of Raymond Street you can see our current lights next to the new ones Gloucester has just over the town/city line.

Trash, Recycling, and Compost pick up:  Regular Monday and Tuesday pick ups

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