How can I conserve more drinking water?
  1. Really glad you asked - educating all households on the techniques and benefits of conservation is an important goal for Manchester. For your outdoor water usage, you could start with an informative pamphlet from NorthShore Greenscapes, available free of charge at Town Hall. This pamphlet will periodically be distributed to households. In addition, rebates and discounts on rain barrels are already available. Future plans include additional conservation suggestions and water audits, similar to MassSave electric usage, insulation audits, and setback thermostats.

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1. Where does our water come from?
2. I thought we have plenty of water, so why is the Task Force recommending significant conservation?
3. What is the water rate tier structure?
4. Why did the Water Task Force recommend changing the Water Rates?
5. How would the proposed rate changes affect me?
6. Won’t the proposed water rates unfairly penalize large families?
7. When could the Water Rates change?
8. The Task Force recommended lowering the Tier 1 rate – isn’t that an incentive to consume more and not to conserve?
9. Why not institute an increased rate structure for summer months only?
10. I hear that new digital “smart” water meters are being considered for all water users in town. When will they be installed?
11. Would the proposed rates also affect my separate meter for irrigation?
12. Are the sewer rates also going up?
13. I have a tenant who’s also on my water meter – how will that be handled?
14. Will everyone in the Top 20% see higher water bills under the recommended new rates?
15. I’ve heard that the State recommends 65 gallons/day per person. Is that a regulation?
16. What is the quality and cost of Manchester’s water?
17. If enough households cut their summer water usage, wouldn’t that bankrupt our Water Division?
18. How can I conserve more drinking water?
19. Do we really want to encourage high usage households to drill their own irrigation wells?
20. What’s my water usage over the past 10 years?
21. Is everyone eventually going to get a digital smart water meter?
22. Where can I read the findings of the Water Task Force?
23. Isn’t this just a disguised tax increase aimed at larger properties?
24. What if these new rates are enacted but don’t encourage much water conservation?