Permit Fees

New fees take effect on May 1, 2021

Fire Alarm Installation Permit $50
Dumpster Permit $50
Oil Burner/Storage Permit - (Alteration and New Installation) $50
LP Gas Storage Permit (Propane) $50
Blasting Permit $50
Plan Review (Residential Projects) $50
Plan Review (Commercial Projects) $50
Certificate of Compliance (Smoke and CO Detectors Together) $50
Certificate of Compliance (Smoke or CO Detectors Separate) $50
Open Burning Permit - (Seasonal for Brush) $10
Open Burning Permit - (Cooking) N/C
Fire Reports (Copy of Public Records) $5
Tank Installation Permit (Above Ground / Per Tank) $50
Tank Modification Permit (Aboveground /Per Tank) $50
Tank Removal Permit (Underground / Per Tank) $200
Tank Installation Permit (Underground / Per Tank) $100
Welding, Cutting and Heat Treating Permit $50
Model Rocket Permit $10
Cannon and Mortar Firing Permit $50
Explosives Storage Permit (Ammunition or Black Powder) $50
Storage of Combustible Materials $50
Compressed Natural Gas Storage Permit $50
Fireworks Display Permit $50
Limited Special Effects Permit $50
Flammable and Combustible Liquids Storage Permit $50
Flammable Gas and Solids Storage Permit $50
Sprinkler Installation, Alteration and Repair Permit $50
Salamander Permit $50
Temporary Heat Permit $50
Tar Kettle Permit $50