Clause 41D – Elderly Persons

The amount of this exemption is $1,000.  For eligibility, an individual must be 65 years or older as of July 1st of the tax year.  In addition to so owning and occupying the subject property, an individual must have been continuously domiciled in Massachusetts for the 10 years preceding the application and have owned and occupied the property or other property in Massachusetts for 5 years.  A person may own this property solely, as a joint owner or as a tenant in common.  The holder of a life estate also satisfied the ownership requirement.

Eligibility is also based on annual income and your whole estate.  Gross receipts minus social security allowance must be less than $20,000 if you are single and $30,000 if married.  Your whole estate less the value of the home cannot exceed $40,000 if single and $55,000 if married.  The Assessors will require evidence of this, including copies of bank balances and all interest earned, as well as statements of all money earned and total amounts received from pensions. The Town of Manchester has elected to provide additional relief by increasing the whole estate limit automatically each year by COLA (cost of living adjustment) determined by the DOR (Department of Revenue) beginning in FY2017