FY2022 Assessment Records

The FY2022 assessment records can be accessed at the Assessors’ Office or at Patriot Properties online. The records can be reviewed by name, address or parcel identification.

We will be updating the owner information once a year, after the new assessments are finalized and the 3rd quarter bills are mailed, at the end of the year. All of the information available is Public Information. It includes all the information we have on the house, land and any outbuildings, etc. It also has the sketch of the house and photo, if available.

We feel this is a useful tool for the residents of the town and saves people the trip to the Assessors’ Office to review information on properties. It will give you all the information that is now available on the counter terminal at the office. You can also print the information on any property right from your own computer in your home or at the office.