Snow & Ice Control

Snow and ice control utilizes employees from all four divisions of the Department of Public Works. We operate three truck-mounted sanders for sanding roadways and one sander-mounted sidewalk tractor for sanding the sidewalks.

All of our plow operators work on predetermined routes. We utilize the same operator on the same route as much as possible because they are familiar with where a manhole may be high and the driver needs to raise the plow to get over the obstruction. Plow routes vary in length based upon the width of the roads, the time it takes to complete one circuit of the route, and number of vehicles used to plow the route. It is very important not to push, plow or block any sidewalks and roadways when clearing your own property - this is against the Law (Ch. 85 - sec. 7B, Town by-law Ch. 85 - sec 5)

Our personnel plow many of the sidewalks in town. Schools, school routes and downtown are priority. There are some sidewalks that are outside the downtown area or are too narrow and thus do not get plowed.

Snow removal operations commence once a storm has abated. We use a sidewalk tractor, front-end loaders, and trucks to pick up the accumulated snow within the downtown area and a portion of School Street. Depending on the depth of snow accumulated along the roadsides, snow removal operations will radiate out from the center of town to widen the available roadway width on many side streets in order to create room for the next storm.

Removed snow is trucked to the Singing Beach Parking lot where it is pushed into large piles and allowed to melt. Sand and other debris trapped in the snow accumulates on the parking lot surface and is swept up in the spring.