Treasurer | Collector 

The following is a schedule of bill issue and due dates. Please note that due dates falling on a weekend or holiday are moved to the next business day. Please call with any questions or if you did not receive your bill.


Quarter 1:  Issued 07/01 and due 08/01
Quarter 2:  Issued 10/01 and due 11/01
Quarter 3:  Issued 01/01 and due 02/01
Quarter 4:  Issued 04/01 and due 05/01


(Issue and Due Dates aren’t always on these exact dates, please contact the DPW at 978-526-1242 with any questions on Water/Sewer bills)
Issued 08/15 and due 09/15
Issued 11/15 and due 12/15
Issued 02/15 and due 03/15
Issued 05/15 and due 06/15


Motor vehicle excise tax commitments are received from the Registry of Motor Vehicles periodically throughout the year to capture vehicle registration and ownership changes as they occur.  The largest excise tax commitment, however, is billed in the month of February each year.  If you believe you are missing an excise tax bill, please contact the Collector’s Office at 978-526-2030 immediately, as interest and penalties apply on all unpaid excise tax bills that may also result in your license and/or registration being placed in a ‘non-renewal’ status at the RMV.  Alternatively, if you receive a bill for a vehicle you no longer possess, please contact the Assessor’s Office immediately at 978-526-2010 regarding an abatement, as the same penalties will apply if the bill goes unpaid or unabated.

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Payment Drop Box

A public a drop box has been installed behind Town Hall next to the Blue Police Department Door. This box is monitored by a security camera and has 24 hour accessibility. PLEASE NO CASH!

Unclaimed Funds

Pursuant to Mass General Law 200A, Jennifer Yaskell, Treasurer for the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea, hereby serves notices of names of persons or vendors appearing to be owners of funds held by the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA and deemed abandoned.  To claim funds, a written request is required.  Information required is proof of ownership, full name, and current mailing address.  Request can be sent to or mailed to Town Hall Attn: Treasurer, 10 Central St., Manchester, MA 01944.  Amounts not claimed by September 30, 2020, will be deemed abandoned. 

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About the Treasurer/Collectors Office

The Treasurer/Collector’s office is responsible for providing secure and accurate collection, disbursement and investment of all Town funds. Such funds include real estate, personal property, excise, and betterments as committed to us by the Assessors, as well as all water/sewer charges, state aid or reimbursement, and all other various departmental receipts of the Town. The Treasurer/Collector also handles the administration of Town Meeting authorized debt. The Treasurer/Collector must make an annual accounting for all receipts and disbursements and report on their official acts.

This office processes the payroll for all Town employees, coordinates administration of benefits for eligible employees, and serves as liaison to vendors for group health, retirement, dental, life and supplemental insurances.  

It is the mission of this department that its officers remain faithful to their oaths of office by serving in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the by-laws of the Town while maintaining high ethical standards. Customer service is a primary function of the office and all members of the public should expect to be treated with courtesy and respect.