Animal Control Board

Animal Control Board

The Animal Control Board is appointed annually by the Board of Selectmen and is comprised of five residents of the Town. The Animal Control Board, in consultation with the Animal Control Officer, shall evaluate animal control and welfare issues within the Town and shall recommend solutions or actions necessary to resolve such issues. The Animal Control Board may also recommend to the Board of Selectmen appropriate rules, regulations or by-law amendments for the care and control of animals.

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer is a person or persons appointed by the Town Administrator, with recommendations from the Animal Control Board and the Chief of Police, to carry out the provisions of the Town by-laws and regulations concerning animals. The Animal Control Officer shall be duly qualified and trained in accordance with state law.

See Article X, Section 28 of the Town by-laws for more information.


  • Kerri Bisner, 2025
  • Vacancy, 2023
  • Vacancy, 2024

  • Vacancy, 2024
  • Vacancy, 2025

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