Fee Schedule

Soil Testing $385
Plan Review Fee $385
Plan Review Fee Per Revision $210
Disposal Works Construction Permit $460
Disposal Works Construction Permit Minor (baffles/tees/cover) $60
Septic System Installers License $110
Septic System Pumpers License $110
Title V Report Review $135
Certificate of Compliance $135
Food Service Establishment $225
Retail Food Major $195
Retail Food Minor (prepackaged food only) $130
Catering License $150
Mobile Food Truck $65
Camp License (state sets fee) $10
Inspection Fee $125
Massage License $75
Tobacco Sales License $25
Animal Permit Fee $10
Well Permit Fee $110
Swimming Pool License $100
Swimming Pool License (hot tub/spa) $75
Standard Reinspection Fee (per visit)* If violations result in the need for additional inspections to be completed, a standard reinspection fee of $75 per re-inspection will be assessed. $75