Crafting a New Comprehensive Master Plan


The Planning Board has adopted the Master Plan, and is making final minor edits and formatting before publishing. 

When the final plan is Published, a summary document will be produced and distributed. view on our Documents and Resources page.

 Please see the Question and Answer regarding Ocean Street and the anticipated financial approach to implementing the Master Plan

Grant Application seeking funding for a Study of Ocean Street to consider Climate Resiliency

Please visit the Master Plan Committee's events page for materials, supporting documents and participant feedback from the Community Forum held on December 5, 2017, and the Open House held on June 21, 2017. As you review the information, please Tell Us What You Think, a tool for feedback as well as any other comments or suggestions. All feedback will be reviewed and considered by the Town Planner and the Master Plan Committee. 

The Complete Streets application for 2018 projects was submitted in October 2017. Please visit the Complete Streets page for details on the nine projects that were selected by the Board of Selectmen for possible funding by this MassDOT program as well as a final program report.
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The Master Plan Process

The Master Plan Committee (MPC) has spent many hours meeting with Town boards, committees, citizens and other stakeholders, engaging the community in the process of developing a ten-year Master Plan for the Town of Manchester.

 Phase I - The Visioning (2016) 

  • Visioning process is complete; a vision report was published in December 2016. 
  • Hard copies are available at the Library and Town Hall.

Phase II: Recommendations and Action Plan (2017)

  • Feedback indicated that community members believe the fundamental issue the Town faces is how to pay for public infrastructure for water, sewer, roads, sidewalks and other projects associated with ensuring a secure and sustainable Manchester.
  • In response, the MPC and Consultant Team developed potential land use scenarios that would increase town revenues to meet funding needs.
  • The MPC solicited help to evaluate these options and determine a preferred funding plan at public work group meetings.
  • Throughout the year, there will be many additional opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas.

Phase III – Implementation (2018 and beyond)

  • Following adoption of the Master Plan, the MPC anticipates that an Implementation Committee will be constituted and charged with monitoring progress on goals, sharing project updates and continuing public outreach.
  • Capital plans, budgets, policies and initiatives are expected to be developed to support the goals of the Master Plan.
  • Town Meeting will continue to provide for community control through funding, bylaw, and other approvals.

To view MPC meeting agendas and minutes, please visit the Agenda Center.

Click here for a timeline of the MPC's activities.