Master Plan Open House - June 21, 2017

Thanks to all who participated in the Master Plan Open House to learn more about the issues the Town's Master Plan is addressing and to offer their ideas, concerns and opinions. Below is a summary of what was presented, along with all of the materials and feedback received. 

A brief summary of the Open House was also published on the Master Plan Committee's blog on June 27, 2017.

As you review the information below, please Tell Us What You Think, a new feature for feedback on the detailed plans provided below as well as any other comments or suggestions. All feedback will be reviewed and considered by the Town Planner and the Master Plan Committee. 

Agenda and Forum Map

Master Plan Scenario Development Presentation:  A summary of the visioning phase and an overview of the master planning scenario development.

Shape the Scenario Interactive Stations:

  1. Capital Planning in Manchester-by-the-Sea  This presentation compares the Town's capital needs with anticipated Town revenues, and asked participants how much more they feel is needed.
  2. Getting Around  Participants considered draft design concepts from Manchester's ongoing Complete Streets study and let us know with dots and Post-Its which five are their highest priorities.
  3. Mark the Scenario Map  Using dots and Post-Its, participants showed us which top five ideas shown on the scenario map they support.
  4. What Should It Look Like?  Participants took a visual preference survey showing what designs appeal to them.
  5. What Do We Want and Where Do We Want It?  Using icons and/or Post-Its, participants marked the map to show or tell us what business and housing types they would like to see in town and where.
  6. Where Do We Go From Here?  Participants noted their opinions about the most important things the Town needs to do to move forward, as well as ideas they would add to the scenario map.

The Master Plan Committee would love to hear from you. 

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