Water and Sewer

Water Sewer Rates FY 2024

CLICK HERE: 2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (CCR)

Sewer Regulations


A friendly reminder from DPW:  there should be no discharge of sump pumps, gutters, water run-off from personal property directly or indirectly onto public right of ways which includes roads and sidewalks (General By-Law article X, section 10, page 26). The discharge of water to these surfaces can create ice which is a significant safety hazard for walkers and cars alike. Discharge to these locations is a fine-able offense per the bylaws. Please immediately remove or redirect any devices that discharge or flow to these locations.

Local businesses are reminded that no personal items (benches, planters etc) are to be placed on any public right of way/sidewalk (General By-law article X, section 1, page 25). This is a safety hazard and impedes the Town’s ability to undertake snow clearance.