Town Common Revitalization

Town Meeting 2017 approved $15,000 for landscape design services for renovation of the Town Common. In 2018, the Town secured the services of Toby Wolf, Landscape Architect., of Wolf Landscape in Groton, MA. 

The project is being designed in collaboration with the Veterans Honor Roll Committee to assure unity in design.

Sue Brown is acting as project manager for the design component of the project on behalf of the Board of Selectmen.

At the Manchester Board of Selectmen meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2019, Landscape Architect Toby Wolf presented a preliminary concept plan for renovation of the Town Common that included two ADA compliant parking spaces, an accessible pathway and ramp, and the Veteran Honor Roll. The design, funded by voter approved Community Preservation Act Funds, is focused on reducing the amount of pavement, while still providing access for safety and circulation; improving accessibility, and enhancing the overall health and beauty of the site while maintaining its historic character. Stakeholders providing guidance early in the design process include Historic District Commission, First Parish Church, Manchester Fire Department, Department of Public Works, ADA Committee, Tree Warden, Veterans Honor Roll Committee, Friends of Manchester Trees, and the Conservation Commission.

Next steps include providing a visual presentation of the proposed changes, bringing the design from concept to construction plans including developing grading, utilities, planting and materials plans, and obtaining required approvals and permits from the Tree Commission, Historic District Commission and Conservation Commission. It is anticipated that the project will be ready for construction by the fall.

For more information contact Town Planner, Sue Brown at 617-429-9439 or