Manchester-by-the-Sea Business Guide

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Allies Beach Street Café - Dining room and take out. 

Antique Table - Dining room, patio and take out. 

Boo Bird - Dining room and take out. 

Bravo by the Sea - Patio and take out.  

Calas - Dining room and take out. 

Captain Dusty’s Ice Cream - Take out. 

Crosby’s Market 

Dunkin Donuts

Harrigans Liquor Store 

Helens Bottle Shop

Laughing Gull Cafe Dining room, patio and take out.  

The Mooring - Dining room and take out. 

Richdale Convenience Store - Take out subs Monday-Friday 10am-2pm, Store and Gas open 7 days a week 6am-9pm

Utopia Farms - Seasonal


Ace Hardware - Hardware store.

Allens Pharmacy - Pharmacy and beach gear.

4Beach Gifts and Goodies - Gifts and toys. 

Gladstone Jewelry - Jewelry and gifts.

Happy Ebikes - Electric bikes for rent or purchase. 

Jacks Barber Shack - Barber shop.

J.McLaughlin - Clothing and accessories.

Madam Had’em - Clothing and accessories. 

Mahri - Clothing and gifts. 

Manchester by the Book - New and vintage books. 

Manchester Barber Shop - Barber shop. Call 978.526.4104 for information. 

Michelle James Salon - Hair salon.

Riverside Cycle - (formerly Seaside Cycle) Full service bicycle shop.

Shine Beauty By The Sea - Hair salon.

Stock Exchange - Clothing, furniture and home goods.

Stonybrook Water Company - Home and business water filtration systems. 

Style Snoop - Clothing and accessories. 

Manchester Downtown Initiative

December 21, 2021 - Rapid Recovery Plan Funding Report 
RRP Funding Report

Local Rapid Recovery Plan

Draft Rapid Recovery Plan

The Town of Manchester supported by a professional consultant is undertaking a community planning process to help our Downtown businesses recover from the impacts of the COVID Pandemic and become more resilient to future challenges. This planning initiate will have three components:  Data collection, Idea generation and assessment and Plan development.

Downtown businesses are critical to the success of this initiative and to the strength of our local economy. Learn more about this MA program here

Last Public Forum

Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Topic: The meeting shared the findings of the plan and the top project recommendations—a set of actions the towns can take to improve the downtowns and stimulate recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Draft Project Sheets

The below draft project sheets outline potential projects for the Towns of Essex and Manchester by the Sea. These have been identified by Plan participants including businesses, residents and Town staff. 

These draft project sheets will be advanced with input from Subject Matter Experts that will be meeting with the LRRP Steering Committee over the next few weeks and further input from a Community Forum in September.

Based on Steering Committee and Community input, three of the Projects will be recommended as the Towns’ priorities when the Plan is completed. 

Related Documents

Manchester Downtown Meetings

The Manchester Downtown Steering Committee will hold regular meetings during this process that will be open to the public. Special webinars will also be available to local businesses featuring experts who will share information about different options and ideas the Town can consider.  

Past Meetings & Webinars:

June 10 - Public Realm

Topic: "Outside the Box" ideas and your community's post COVID Recovery Recording

June 3 - Tenant Mix #2 

Topic: Post COVID-19 Restaurant Survival: Key Technologies, Strategies and Best Practices Recording

June 1 - Tenant Mix #1 

Topic: COVID-19 Impacts on Helping Business Stabilize and Grow: Small Business Technical Assistance Programs  Recording

May, 25, 2021 Public Forum

Topic: A public forum to discuss ways to help the business communities of Manchester-By-The-Sea and Essex recover from the impacts of COVID-19.  Presentation and Manchester Breakout Group, Essex Breakout Group, 5.25 Presentation

May 25, 2021
Topic: Private Realm: Connecting with Customers - Using Your Storefront, Display Windows & Signs to Increase Business 5.25 Presentation Recording

May 20, 2021

Topic: COVID-19 Impacts on New Ideas for Wayfinding & Branding Your Commercial District  5.20 Presentation Recording

May 18, 2021

Topic: COVID-19 Impacts on Providing the Opportunity for an Equitable and Socially Inclusive Commercial Area. 5.18 Presentation

May 13, 2021

Topic: Community Resilience: COVID-19 Impacts and Re-partnering Arts + Culture to Main Street 5.13 Presentation Recording

May 12, 2021

Topic: Surviving & Thriving by Leveraging Retail Technology in a Post-COVID-19 World  Recording 5.12 Presentation

May 6, 2021 

Topic: Revenue & Sales, Laws of Attraction Recording 5.6 Presentation Q&A Report

April 7, 2021 - Public Forum

4.7 Presentation

April 14, 2021

Topic: RRP Program – Public Space Transformation II:  COVID-19 Impacts on Parking, Biking, Sidewalks & Streets April 14 Presentation, Recording

April 15, 2021

Topic: RRP Program Administrative Capacity I: Overcoming Zoning, Permitting and Licensing Hurdles to help Municipalities and Businesses Succeed in the Time of COVID- 19 April 15 Presentation, Recording

Manchester Downtown Initiative Steering Committee

  • Sue Brown, Town Planner
  • Erika Brown, Business Owner/Cape Ann Chamber Member
  • Linda Crosby, Downtown Improvement Committee
  • Christine Delisio, Planning Board
  • Becky Jaques, Board of Selectmen
  • Amy Lage, Business Owner
  • Gar Morse, Downtown Improvement Committee
  • Sonja Nathan, Executive Assistant
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