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Dec 05

From the Town Administrator's Desk - December 6, 2018

Posted on December 5, 2018 at 12:55 PM by Elizabeth Dukes


            By Gregory T. Federspiel

Changes in the trash and recycling world continue to have an impact on our services here in Manchester.  When Hiltz had to suddenly leave the municipal collection market we were able to find a new contractor to fill-in.  We continue to work with our new vendor, Waste Management to make sure collection services are working smoothly. 

As part of our contract with W-M, they are to handle the pick-up of bulky waste items.  Starting the first of January, Waste Management will be facilitating all curbside bulk item pickups – no more bulk item green sticker sales at Town Hall. This will enable residents to call Waste Management (800-972-4545) at their convenience to schedule and pay for a pickup. Residents will also be able to put out more than one bulk item per week. All current green stickers must be used by December 31st 2018 - no returns or refunds available.  Examples of bulk items include box springs/mattresses, carpet/carpet padding, rigid plastics, chairs, couches and other wooden furniture. The fee will be $27.00 per item beginning January 1, 2019. This will also allow Waste Management to know exactly what needs to be picked up each week and where, saving residents the hassle of a missed pickup. Questions? Contact the DPW at 978-526-1242.

Does your bulk item still have some life left to it? There are a few options available locally that may be able to re-use your bulk item! Contact Beverly Bootstraps at 978-921-4710 or Second Glance in Gloucester 978-283-4798 for more information.

 The recycling market’s big changes present new challenges as well.  Markets have severely contracted now that China is accepting a lot less of the recycling materials.  The standards for clean materials have risen substantially.  Having materials that are not properly cleaned before being put into the recycling bin or mixing in non-recyclable materials (plastic bags are one of the biggest culprit!) can cause an entire load of otherwise good recyclable materials to be discarded and at a higher cost than regular trash.

 The higher purity standards mean that the sorting plants have to work slower to meet this new requirements.  Time is money and communities that have higher levels of contamination will be required to pay more for the processing of their recycled materials.  The recycling component of waste disposal used to be a money maker for communities.  This has changed dramatically in the last few years.  Recycling now costs us money – still less than trash but only if we maintain high levels of uncontaminated materials. 

 Each Manchester household will be receiving a new flyer from Waste Management with collection dates for the new year, instructions on how to schedule and pay for a bulky waste pick-up, and a review of what to put into your recycle bins.  Please read over these materials – your attention to the details on recycling will translate into real dollar savings for the town.