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2024 Chowder House Rental Application

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A beautiful location for a wedding, picnic, family gathering, or just a day at the park and beach! Located in Manchester, Massachusetts, Tuck's Point has a beach, swings, picnic area, Chowder House, and comfort station with male and female accessible bathrooms.

 Reservation Information

Beginning Thursday, October 19 at 5pm, Manchester residents can make reservations for 2024 Rentals at Tuck's Point Chowder House. Non-resident reservations begin January 2, 2024. 

Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis and therefore in person reservations will have priority on that day.  For anyone that shows up for reservations, a lottery will be held at 5:00pm to determine order of reservation.  Each person will pick a number out of a hat to determine who goes first etc.

Fees will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Committee prior to the October 19, 2023 reservation opening.  At that time the Reservation Form will be updated for 2024.  

Reservation forms are available at Manchester Town Hall and online. Payment accepted by cash or check only.

2024 Resident Rates

Day Rates
Monday - Thursday
Friday - Sunday

2024 Non-Resident Rates

Monday - Thursday
Friday - Sunday


NO RESERVATIONS.  The Tucks Point Rotunda is a scenic location and open to the public at all times for their enjoyment of the harbor views. Visitors are welcome to take pictures at this location, keeping in mind that they should not block access to the docks or the rotunda for other members of the public. In addition, no tables, chairs or other furniture are allowed on the rotunda.

Chowder House Logistical Details

1. The Chowder House can seat up to 125 people. 85 people can fit comfortably inside with the available tables and chairs. When you reserve the Chowder House, you can also use the picnic tables on the lawn directly behind the Chowder House, which will hold approximately 40 additional people.  There is also a bench around the deck that tables that you bring could be used with.

2. Your reservation includes the use of the tables and chairs in the Chowder House.  With rental of the Chowder House you have access to ten 6’ tables, 8 picnic tables and approximately 60 chairs.


3. There are interior lights inside the Chowder House for background illumination only. The light switch is located in the breezeway between the Chowder House and the kitchen preparation area. These lights will go out at exactly 9:00 pm. Please make sure that your event is packed and cleaned up by this time. Once the lights go out, it is dark at Tuck's Point.

 Tuck's Point Reservation Information

1. Town Resident Groups/Municipal Groups:  Applications to reserve the Tuck’s Point Chowder House are available beginning Thursday, October 19 at 5pm for the following calendar year (2024). To receive the Town Resident rate, the applicant and responsible party must reside in the Town of Manchester. Municipal groups include town-based fraternal organizations, schools, etc.

2. Non-Resident Groups: Applications to reserve the Tuck’s Point Chowder House are available beginning on January 2, 2024. Non-resident groups are any user group that does not reside in or is not based in the Town of Manchester.

3. Reservations for the Chowder House can made between the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and the fourth weekend in September. No rentals will be granted on holidays.

4.The Chowder House can be reserved from 9:00 am – 2:30 pm and/or from 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm. If it is available, you may rent both time slots but would pay a fee for each time slot.

5. Completed applications should be submitted to the Parks & Recreation Department at Manchester Town Hall.

6. The Director of Parks & Recreation shall assign all reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.

7. No group may exceed 120 people.  

 Tuck's Point Rules & Regulations

1. Reservation is for the Tuck’s Point Chowder House and lawn directly behind the Chowder House only.

2. Premises must be cleaned and vacated no later than 9:00 p.m. The light switch for the Chowder House is located in the breezeway outside of the kitchen. Lights will shut off automatically at 9:00 pm.

3. All trash and recycling generated by the function must be placed in the dumpster in the parking lot. There is a key to both dumpsters hanging in the kitchen next to the door if needed.  Functions must provide their own trash bags. Applicant must also wipe down all tables at the end of their event.

4. Alcohol at Tuck’s Point: If you are going to have alcohol present at your event, you must adhere to the following rules. First, you can give alcohol away but you cannot sell it. Second, you will be required to purchase a Host Liquor Liability Insurance policy of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate policy for your event and have the Town of Manchester – Tuck’s Point listed as additionally insured.  Even if you tell people to bring their own alcohol to the event; you will still need to have this insurance policy and provide a copy of it to the Town of Manchester. The policy must be submitted 30 days before your event. If you are using a catering company and they are providing the alcohol for your event, then we need a copy of their insurance policy. If you are not using a catering company; then this insurance policy can be purchased from your own insurance carrier.

4. Electric lights, generators or amplified music of any kind are not permitted.

5. Portable propane or charcoal grills are permitted on grassy areas only. Wood fires are not permitted. Hot coals should be disposed of properly.  Fire permits MUST be obtained at the Fire Department.

6. Groups are responsible for returning tables and chairs neatly to the Chowder House at the end of rental time.

7. Violators will be fined for any damage to trees, shrubs or any other property.

8. The kitchen area is for rinsing cooking equipment only. There are no cooking facilities at Tuck’s Point.

9. No dogs are permitted on the Chowder House side of road between May and September.

10. Active sports are prohibited on Chowder House side of road.

11. Littering law is strictly enforced.  Violators are subject to fines.

12. Failure to follow the Tuck’s Point Rules and Regulations will result in charges for clean-up and/or prohibition from future use of Tuck’s Point.  

13.  Food Truck:  If you choose to use a food truck, you must provide a copy of the Basse of Operation Permit and separate Mobile Food Truck Permit with the date of the latest inspection as well as proof of insurance naming The Town as additionally insured.  this paperwork MUST be submitted 30 days prior to the event date.

 Payments, Paperwork  and Charges

1. Full payment is due at the time of reservation. Caterer information and liquor liability insurance policy, if appropriate, must be received no later than 30 days prior to scheduled date or date may be forfeited. It is YOUR responsibility to send any other information that is due. There are NO refunds.

2. If a user group is found to be in violation of any of the rules and regulations, the group will be billed at least the fee equivalent to the cost of labor and services needed to maintain the property.
3. The Town of Manchester reserves the right to refuse a group when the rights of others may be infringed upon, or when the occurrence of an event may not be considered in the best interest of the park or the Town.  The Town of Manchester also reserves the right to refuse a group that does not provide applicable payment and if paperwork is not in 30 days in advance.