Stay Informed

How do I stay informed about important things happening in Town?
The Town uses a variety of mediums to keep residents informed - Town website, email alerts, social media, blue lights, electronic signage on roadways and Reverse 911 (Code Red) phone calls.

Tiered system for communicating with residents:

I.  Events & Special Meetings: Subscribe to the MBTS News Updates list here to receive an email notification about important news and events happening in Manchester.

II. Time Sensitive Information and Emergency Alerts: Subscribe to the MBTS Alerts list here. The Town uses this to notify residents via email or text about time sensitive issues such as: weather emergencies, water main breaks, beach closures, power outages, public health emergencies and a weekly Town Hall update. This alert is also posted to the home page of the website and shared on social media.

 III. Extreme Emergencies: We use Code Red (or reverse 911) system only in extreme emergencies, therefore please make sure you and your family are registered. Sign up here to ensure you receive these calls. 

Social Media Platforms: Follow us on Facebook @TownofMBTSOfficial, Instagram @TownofMBTS and Twitter @TownofMBTS

Blue Lights: Blue emergency lights are placed at select intersections throughout Town. These lights are turned on during extreme weather emergencies (ie. snow storms). When the blue lights are on, on-street parking is not permitted to allowed for DPW to safely clear roadways. 

Questions about Town communications can be directed to Tiffany Marletta, Communication Coordinator for the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea at